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Community Involvement

Since moving to Winchester in 2012, Ryan has dedicated himself to the community we all call home.

When opportunity brought me to Winchester in 2012, I found a community that also had strong values.  A place filled with history, full of opportunity, and residents who had a passion for service. So, I rolled up my sleeves and joined in. I have worked alongside downtown businesses during the Walking Mall Renovation as President of the Old Town Winchester Business Association and currently provide mentorship with Big Brothers/Big Sisters. For the past several years, I’ve helped build a network of local entrepreneurs and crafters by founding the Valley Makers Association When I learned of the need, I began creating low-cost devices for people with disabilities and now organize these efforts for the entire state through a nonprofit called Makers Making Change. I work at Blue Ridge Habitat for Humanity, providing affordable housing to local residents, and working for policy change. The trajectory of my work in the community has always and will always reflect the values I grew up with and that I see in our community every day.

And as your Ward 3 Council member, I’m committed to tackling issues like housing insecurity, mental health support, and small business assistance. I’m committed to listening to the needs of our citizens and using our tax dollars responsibly.

These challenges require that we work with everyone, regardless of party, who come to the table in good faith. We must all go forward together - the young couple, the single mother, and a coal miner’s grandson. 

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